Please note that I will be on an exclusive contract until November 30, 2015 and will not be taking new client work.

Welcome to the website of Glenna M. Campbell, a lawyer in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  My practice focuses on business law, tax law, intellectual property and wills and estate planning.  

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Can I help you?

I help entrepreneurs and start-ups requiring legal assistance, whether it’s a simple incorporation or lease review, or a more complicated matter such as a purchase of a business or preparing a contract for the licensing of intellectual property.

For well-established businesses who find their legal costs are escalating but don’t have enough legal work to justify hiring a permanent full, time lawyer, I offer a part-time in-house counsel service.

I also advise business owners who want to build and pass on their wealth to their families through proper tax and estate planning.

 Why me?

Value.  By choosing me, you receive big-firm expertise with small overhead costs.  For most services offered to the small business owner, I offer flat-fee pricing. I will tell you upfront what the cost of services will be, so you don’t have to worry every time you pick up the phone that the billing clock is ticking.

For businesses with larger projects that may take weeks or months, I offer an hourly “corporate counsel for hire” rate.

Service.  I like to find practical solutions to complex problems.  I understand the importance of quick turn-round time and friendly service.

Knowledge.  You can rest assured that the complexities of your situation have been carefully analyzed, both from a business and tax perspective.  If you are an accountant or financial advisor looking for a seasoned lawyer to implement a plan you have for a client, you can feel comfortable in knowing that I understand the complexities of tax issues surrounding the plan, from corporate attribution to foreign property accrual income rules.